Aged Colorado Corporations with Credit

Aged Colorado Corporations with Credit

Aged Colorado Corporations with Credit

1  – Colorado 3 year old Corporation with Paydex 82 with 5 trade lines  $7,000 or best realistic offer

Post offer in the comment section with your contact information

Colorado Aged Corporations with Credit

The State of Colorado and local governments provide incentives focused on job creation, employee training, expedited permitting, licensing and infrastructure improvements, local property tax abatements, and targeted industry tax relief.


Colorado offers various tax incentives and funding programs, including debt and equity financing, funding provided to banks to encourage lending, cash incentives, grants, and tax credits. All are focused on supporting economic development activities in Colorado.


Every year, the State of Colorado receives an allocation of federal funds to use for both community and economic development efforts within the state. OEDIT receives approximately one-third of the state’s annual allocation of funds to use specifically for economic development efforts statewide. Specifically, we use this funding to aid the state’s Business Loan Funds.

Currently, Colorado has 14 Business Loan Fund locations, which have service areas covering the majority of the state’s rural areas. These 14 programs are responsible for promoting and fostering economic development efforts at the local level by providing financial assistance in the form of loans and loan guarantees to businesses in their respective regions. The loan program is locally driven, with each loan fund having its own local loan review committee and local Board of Directors. Colorado uses federal funds and Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG Funds) it receives to provide funding to aid the state’s Business Loan Funds.