How to Build Business Credit

Learn How to Build Business Credit!

Learn How to Build Business Credit! OK, It’s called Credit Mastery by ISG3!

Have you been struggling to get financing for your small business? A Small Business Loan or Small Business Credit Cards?business credit, credit repair, business loan, credit sweep

Have you tried a myriad of internet business credit building offers that have not worked?

Have you paid a company for a business with lines of credit or internal funding that is turn-key and just got a shelf company without a PAYDEX Score?

If,  YOU have said Yes, to any of the questions above or I need to really build my credit now … Then …

Learn How to Build Business Credit – Massive Credit

– You really need the easy to follow instructions within the Credit Mastery Book for Business Funding Solutions and Business Loan Funding.  Our system is designed for someone unfamiliar with legal entities and credit building on a business or personal level.

We have taken years of our experience and combined it with our tested methods to produce an easy to use “Do It Yourself” system that works quickly on a shoe-string budget.  Plus we give you current information on methods that require a bit more of an investment using solid funding tools that can shorten your build-out time or increase the credit lines from the first month onward.

We keep current on the credit building industry and are constantly working on new solutions for startups and existing companies to gain the scoring required for usable funding.  Many times we suggest using several of our funding methods in concert.

You will learn from the start what states are the most favorable to build credit in (from our point of view), what legal entity you will want to select from that is ideal for your particular application.

This book also contains a month by month schedule for building credit and what mistakes to avoid during each period.  This is for 7 months for most users that are on a tight budget. how to build business credit

Yes, This is a self directed format for building business credit and we understand that most of you reading this page want $100,000, $250,000, $500,00, $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 in business funding today! We can’t promise you that, however we can assure you the ability to getting vendor funding immediately along with credit cards in a very short period.

You maybe like thousands of our clients who don’t have the resources, past financial or personal credit history to get the funding you want!  This is where our business credit books will absolutely amaze you with methods to increase your banking potential as soon as you start.  It is key to becoming a center of influence within your bank and we do show you a sure and fast method to get positive attention from the loan officers to the bank or credit unions VP’s.  Using this method the bankers will still need a bankable deal, but they will make concessions to keep your business.

Many have risked their future with a payday loan or title loan that they can never payoff and many times get a late payment or charge off on their credit reports.

How to build business credit

Table of Contents for the Credit Mastery  – How To Build Business Credit Section

Getting Started – Business Credit: updated 2016 Page 1

Credit Mastery is what it takes for most people to build the life they desire! Many times their real Solution is to Build Both Personal and Business Credit!
… your funding quest, most likely you have found multiple vendors that offer loans under $200,000, however the catch is they all want to see our cash flow…. Lenders making loans over $2 million will use a high documentation manual underwriting process along with a sizeable decision making time…. The good news is Credit Mastery is a strategic approach to accomplish the impossible for many small businesses…continued

Legal Entities Page 14

… Lets examine the types of legal entities that are available for use as a business and the pros and cons associated with your. Once you decide which one is best for your situation we will begin the process of acquisition or conversion from one type to another….S- Corporation … LLC … C-Corporation … Sole Proprietor … Partnership … COPES …continued

Nevada Companies – updated 2016  Page 22

…Reasons to Incorporate in Nevada: No Corporate Income Tax, No Taxes on Corporate Shares, No Franchise Tax, No Personal Income Tax, Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock. However there are certain items about Nevada that keeps it from ranking number one in the ISG3 Best State to Incorporate within. …

Wyoming Companies – Page 33

Wyoming ranks in the top 5 for the best state tax climate based on the tax climates of all states using, 100 different variables, divided into five divisions including corporate tax, individual income tax, sales tax, and property tax.

New Mexico Companies Page 40

…Reasons to Incorporate in New Mexico …

Colorado Companies Page 44

First Advantage: Colorado Corporations can keep within the Articles and Bylaws the ownership of stock shares / members along with the names of corporate officers /directors. This creates a certain level of privacy as this information does not have to be recorded at the state level…

Montana Companies Page 57

The reason for including Montana in our companies list is that this state has not had the volume of business registrations of other states like Delaware or Nevada, therefore it has less credit failures and associated business failure addresses. With states that have high density filings may limit in many cases establishing high credit lines you desire.

Hawaii Companies – updated 2016 Page 62

One reason for including Hawaii in our companies list is that this state has not had the volume of business registrations of other states like Delaware or Nevada, therefore it has less credit failures and associated business failure addresses. With states that have high density filings may limit in many cases establishing high credit lines you desire. Keep in mind Hawaii is very inexpensive to incorporate within, yet this is offset with high taxation.

Ohio Companies Page 64

Ohio is very inexpensive to incorporate within, yet this is offset with limited privacy and low taxation. Ohio only charges a fee of $99 Corporation or LLC filing that is done online.

Business Plans and Development Page 67

Why Write a Business Plan? The preparation of a well thought-out business plan should be one of the primary goals of any and every business, existing or start-up. The formal business plan process may seem intimidating, but it is actually quite straightforward.

The Credit Building Plan Overview Page 83

Let’s make sure you are ready to building credit by reviewing the process you will follow…

The Credit Building System – updated 2016 Page 91

We will start the initial business credit building from $0 for a Start-up or an existing business.

Golden Rules for Business Credit Building Page 100

Do You Know and Follow The Golden Rule of Business? Credit is Golden!

Credit Reporting and the Agencies Page 101

Fact #1: Dunn & Bradstreet™ Controls the Majority of the Business Credit Reporting Market in the USA and Experian Business™ to a lesser extent. Fact #2: We Can Influence Our Report with Strategic Planning to Meet our Goals

Credit Submission and Usage by the Month Page 104

Month One: Credit Building Core Accounts for your Company. The first phase of business credit building is the basic core accounts that are …

If Loan is Not Funded – updated 2016 Page 115

What, Not Funded? It’s Time to Use Advanced Business Credit Tactics such as …

Leasing Certificate of Deposit Strategy for over $1 Million Page 119

Leasing a CD is fairly simple process where you can simply place fees in escrow and released as per agreement. The CD-NC’s are also available and we have placed these several times at banks and credit unions to show financial strength of you the Client…

SBA Loans Page 120

… SBA LOANS – BRING A BANKABLE BUSINESS PLAN! without this they will not help you obtain any type of loan.

Credit Vendors – Lenders List – including Reporting Agencies Used – updated 2016 Page 123

The most extensive list of lenders as of 2016 along with requirements per lender, what credit reporting agency they use and what scores are required.  82 pages of Lenders!

Banking Resolutions Page 205

Banking resolutions are a must to obtain funding or opening a bank account (in many cases)…

The next section of the Credit Mastery book is the Personal Section – Click here for personal section

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Credit Mastery is a Series of Funding Books – how to build business credit order of usage

First is to get started using the Credit Mastery Business Credit – Personal Credit book that was just recently published (2/2015). Updated 2016!

Read it from cover to cover and then simply follow the month by month instructions to start building business credit each and every month.

Once you have used this book to build your financial foundation use the following books in the order listed:

Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools when seeking over $500,000 or the

Credit Mastery Developing Aged Corporations

Credit Mastery for Real Estate

Credit Mastery Journals are available for record keeping for your corporation or LLC.  These are specifically designed for credit and business growth tracking and development.

No need for a  payday loan when you have business credit.  Credit repair is always possible using Credit Mastery. Small business loans are readily available and listed in Credit Mastery book.  A pay day loan, title pawn or bad credit loan can be just as hazardous to your FICO score as a merchant account loan should you default.  So learn how to build credit today to  get tradelines and the best business credit cards in the marketplace now.  Increase credit score using our tested methods.  If you ask how can I build my credit or build your credit, how to repair credit you are like the thousands of visitors we have every month.  Get top 10 business credit cards with our links and in our credit card finance page.  We do have a credit software for personal credit repair if you visit the personal credit sweep page to fix credit report with our exclusive credit training.  We have great credit repair reviews from our clients and our books on Amazon.  Business credit accounts and vendors are listed in the Credit Mastery book resource section with over 300 lenders ready to help you.  Remove bankruptcy, charge offs and judgments with our new dispute letter CD set for the best credit repair available in a self directed system and then get ready to build business credit fast using your new clean and clear credit report.  How to build business credit